Johnson Clean Energy District is dedicated to accelerating the transition to clean, renewable energy in the Johnson County. We focus on boots-on-the-ground programs to help homeowners and businesses increase energy efficiency — the cheapest, fastest way to reduce energy costs and lower greenhouse gases. We search out high-quality information from many sources to answer your energy questions – one-stop shopping, objective, reliable – and tailor it to Johnson County, Iowa. We advocate replacing fossil fuels with locally-generated solar and wind energy – it’s better for the earth, better for people, and better for our local economy.

Now is the time, this is the place! Join your friends and neighbors in a campaign to transform Johnson County’s energy economy . . . and maybe just save the world while we’re at it!


JCED is always on the ground, connecting with the community and furthering our common goal. Find out what we are up to, including upcoming events, blitz opportunities, program updates, and more!

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