What is a Clean Energy District?

A Clean Energy District is a local institution created to strengthen communities by leading, implementing and accelerating the locally owned clean energy transition. Fair access to locally owned clean energy is a win-win generating community-wide energy prosperity and climate stewardship.

Energy District Community Strengthening Key Principles:

    • Local leadership exists everywhere. Energy Districts empower local champions to lead the clean energy transition.
    • Energy is complicated, so Energy Districts lead by doing. Energy Districts put boots on the ground providing technical assistance with high quality energy audit services, direct installation of energy saving measures and providing high quality advanced energy planning services.
    • When Green Meets Green, communities unite and thrive. Locally owned energy efficiency and renewables create jobs, retain wealth, and build energy prosperity (one green), and simultaneously advance climate stewardship (another green). Ownership matters.
    • Energy Districts are INCLUSIVE, and UNIVERSAL REPLICATION is fully possible We all do better when we all do better, and the clean energy future will happen of, by, and for the people.

How Energy Districts Work

ENERGY PLANNING is energy auditing that WORKS! It includes efficiency and renewable energy, and should be available to every farm, home, business, and institution.

PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT is that broad swath of education, awareness, and communications, leveraging other work.

MARKET TRANSFORMATION tunes up all cylinders of the local clean energy economy for smooth acceleration that supports contractors and businesses, creates good jobs, and keeps growing energy dollars local.

ADVOCACY priorities at the state and local levels grow out of and support boots-on-the-ground implementation work.

READINESS is also known as climate preparedness, or adaptation, and must be a community-wide and ongoing process for a generation or more.

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