JCED hires energy coaching team

Johnson Clean Energy District is pleased to announce the hiring of Craig and Eric Streed, two long-time fixtures in the area’s real estate market, to provide home energy assessment and coaching services to residents of Johnson County.

Craig Streed is owner/operator of All Pro Home Inspections, which provides analysis of structural and mechanical aspects of residential and commercial buildings. Since founding the company in 1986, Craig — and now his son Eric — have performed over 15,000 home inspections and reported to home buyers on the conditions and needs of a potential property.

The Streeds will bring this expertise to JCED’s new Energy Coaching program, launched in December 2023. The goal of the program is to assist Johnson County residents in taking advantage of financial incentives for energy efficiency projects included in the federal Inflation Reduction Act. A pilot program to determine the most effective ways to work with homeowners is funded by Johnson County.

The Streeds will conduct a thorough home energy assessment, including both the conditions of the “building envelope” (walls, attic basement, windows and doors) and the efficiency of its HVAC and other major appliances. Reports to homeowners will identify deficiencies that detract from a home’s comfort or add to its utility bill, as well as options for upgrades and incentives to lower upfront costs.

“We’re thrilled to have contractors of this caliber turn their attention to energy efficiency,” said Cheryl Miller, JCED board member. “Craig and Eric are experts in the technical aspects of home energy use, and exceptionally skilled in how they communicate their findings and recommendations to homeowners.

To learn more about the energy coaching program, contact us at info@johnsoncleanenergydistrict.org


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