Solar Energy

Solar energy – clean, cheap, deployable virtually anywhere -- is the world’s fastest growing energy source. This can’t happen fast enough, because solar energy is the nation’s linchpin for lowering fossil fuel emissions and slowing climate change. Currently, only 3.4% of the nation’s energy supply – and less than 1% of Johnson County’s -- is solar.

Here at JCED, we’re reaching out to communities about diversifying their energy supply with solar projects to reduce costs and increase resilience. Recent initiatives include a collaborative study on expanding rooftop solar in Iowa City and a series of Solar Energy Breakfasts for community leaders.

If you're thinking of going solar at your home or business, check out our step-by-step planning guide under Resources / Solar Energy Resources


Iowa City Solar 2035

Iowa City Solar 2035


  • Create an environment conducive to rapidly advancing solar technologies;
  • Develop a solar vision by engaging residents, business districts, and other groups;
  • Solarize facilities with high intrinsic value, equitable access, and wide public support;
  • Create and market a highly visible, well-integrated, and socially beneficial solar program to assist in the expansion of solar in the region.

Read the Iowa City Solar 2035 Report

Build Solar Energy Capacity in Johnson County

A Gazette op-ed piece by Cheryl Miller and David Osterberg on the opportunities for solar expansion under the federal Inflation Reduction Act

Read the op-ed

Solar Energy Breakfasts 2022-2023

Four Solar Energy Breakfasts were held to provide community leaders with expert information and case studies on distributed solar. The well-attended meetings were hybrid – on site at MERGE in downtown Iowa City, and online to offices and coffee tables around the county.

View the recordings and slide presentations for each meeting

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