Financial Assistance

You can save thousands of dollars using government and utility financial incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades, renewable energy (solar panels and geothermal systems), and electric vehicles. This is important, because the most energy efficient appliances often have a higher price tag. These incentives can level the playing field, saving you both up-front money and through the life of the appliance.

The Iowa Energy and Infrastructure Funding Hub is a valuable website for the most up-to-date information on federal funding.

The Clean Energy Districts of Iowa fact sheets on federal incentives for energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy, and electric vehicles.

IRA Fact Sheets

This US Department of Energy website covers the Inflation Reduction Act, including details on tax credits and rebates for specific purchases

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The Inflation Reduction Act changed many tax laws. This website can help you navigate changes at the Department of the Treasury.

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The US Environmental Protection Agency administers grants programs to improve climate justice and benefit disadvantaged communities.  The grants are designed for communities rather than individuals.

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The City of Iowa City has numerous financial assistance programs for homeowners, businesses, and community groups


Utility companies in Johnson County offer rebates to residential customers for energy efficiency upgrades, including natural gas furnaces, central air conditioning, water heaters, heat pumps, smart thermostats, etc. Check with your appliance dealer for updates.

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