Lighting Efficiency

10% of your home energy use comes from lighting. Average Iowa residents have 68 light bulbs in their homes. Utilizing ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures with ENERGY STAR light bulbs or high efficiency bulbs like LED and CFL bulbs will get you the best lighting efficiency in your home.

Light bulbs

Swapping current incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs is one of the easiest ways to save money on your home electricity bills. Many 60 Watt equivalent LED light bulbs use only 5-10% of the electricity of a regular 60 Watt incandescent bulb. LED lights are now available for nearly all lighting types including dimming lights, can lights for recessed lighting, and specialty track lighting.

The flagship program of JCED, First STEP, uses exclusively LED bulbs. Participants in the program have LED bulbs directly installed into lighting fixtures currently with standard incandescent bulbs. Doing this can save Johnson County residents up to $100 a year.

Lighting Fixtures

While renovating your home, consider incorporating ENERGY STAR rated lighting fixtures to replace current track lighting, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, sconces and more. ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures can help save you up to 90% on lighting costs without sacrificing style and functionality.

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