About Us

Johnson Clean Energy District (JCED) is a new citizen initiative to expand the clean energy economy in Johnson County. It is part of a movement in Iowa to establish locally led community boards to increase clean energy practices by homeowners, businesses, service providers, and others in rural and urban areas of Johnson County.

We envision “Clean Energy Communities,” powered by efficient, renewable energy that reinvests energy dollars into local economies to increase the resilience and cost-effectiveness of the built environment for generations to come.

JCED works to implement efficient, affordable, and clean energy in Johnson County while increasing environmental benefits, community access, business opportunities, and consumer demand for clean energy.

Our Story

In 2015, the City of Iowa City passed Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, an in-depth list of the ways the city could reduce carbon emissions through concentrated green efforts in different sectors of the local economy. By 2018, a group of concerned citizens joined together to provide easy and simple energy efficiency measures to Johnson County, Iowa. They established the Johnson Clean Energy District, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based off of the successful energy district concept pioneered by Winneshiek Energy District in Northeastern Iowa.

Energy Districts

The concept of an energy district was pioneered and first established by Winneshiek Energy District in Winneshiek County, Iowa. Based off the model of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the Energy Distrct model attempts to facilitate a clean energy transition that is inclusive and equitable, helping keep energy dollars local to help boost local economies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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