STEP Program

Due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, implementation of STEP programs have been postponed to a later date.

Solutions To Energy Problems (STEP) is JCED’s flagship energy efficiency program. In conjunction with Green Iowa AmeriCorps team members, JCED performs direct installations of simple energy efficiency measures in your home. These reduce your overall home energy use in one afternoon, saving you money.

A Green Iowa Americorp team member will bring materials and equipment needed to make the following changes during your home visit:

  • Directly install LED lightbulbs
  • Install low-flow aerators and showerheads
  • Wrap your water heater
  • Put insulation on exposed hot water pipes
  • Conduct a safety check to make sure gas appliances are operating safely
  • Notes the energy efficieny meausres that are unique to your home

One week after your home visit, you will receive a report from JCED telling you:

  • What measures were installed
  • how much energy you are likely to save
  • A list of aditional energy efficiency measures you can take to further increase your home’s energy efficiency

JCED will contact you within four weeks after receiving your report to see if you have taken the next STEP and if you need help doing them.

Average participants can save up to $200 a year on their energy bills by participating in the STEP program.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of the STEP Program?

    The home visit and STEP program is free, and is funded through grants and donations from participants like yourself. If you like our services and would like to help us continue our mission, we suggest a donating in an amount comparable to the materials used during your home visit to sponsor a free home visit for low-income residents in your community.

    What if I have a unique faucet or aerator?

    We will determine what kind of aerator you need and schedule a time to install it for you. A $25 fee for a second visit might apply.

    What if I don’t know the showerhead?

    The showerhead is reccomended by a local supplier and highly rated. If you don’t like the finish and what it to match the rest of the fixtures in your home, we will work with our supplier to find one you like.

    What if I don’t know the showerhead?

    The follow-up report will provide provide product descriptions to help you buy what you need. We will refer you to a local electrician for hard-to-replace bulb installations.

    What if you break something?

    Accidents happen. If it’s small, we will fix it. We have liability insurance to cover any damage that might occur during our home visit, just in case.

    What if I want to do something bigger than the STEP Program?

    JCED hopes to facilitate more extensive upgrades in the future. For now, we provide information on rebates, estimated energy cost savings, and more on other energy efficiency upgrades indicated in your home visit report, here on our website!