2021 Featured Program


Families in our communities are struggling to make ends meeting, both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Low-income households pay approximately 16.5% of their annual incomes just on utility costs. This creates a disproportionate cost burden on low-to-moderate income Johnson County residents, limiting their expendible income to invest in simple but effective energy efficiency measures that can help them relieve this burden.

JCED is proud to introduce our newest program: the PAY-IT-FORWARD Program, a one time donation that directly purchases an energy care package for a low-income home in Johnson County to help them save money on their home utility bills. Each care package can provide up to $200 in annually water and energy savings for a two-person household — a 3X return on investment!

PAY-IT-FORWARD with a $65 donation to provide an energy care package to a low-income Johnson County household. PAY-IT-FORWARD+ and receive an energy care package for yourself in addition to providing one to a low-income Johnson County household.


10 LEDs

Replace ten incandescent lightbulbs with new, long-lasting LED bulbs. LEDs only use 10% of the electricity that traditional incandescent bulbs do, and last up to 50x longer. This means less waste and a lot of energy savings.

We don’t have to compromise on comfort and quality lighting to save money on energy bills. Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with LEDs reduce electricity used for lighting by 90%. Don’t wait for your old incandescents to burn out — the sooner you switch, the more you save!

LEDs have an average lifetime of 10-12 years, and switching bulbs in your most frequently used fixtures can yield up to $40 in annual electricity savings!

1 Showerhead

Switching to a low-flow showerhead can save you money on water costs and energy costs used to heat water. It can also make hot showers last longer, and make consecutive showers more enjoyable.

Determined to be the best shower experience from all models tested by critical reviewers, JCED provides the Kohler Awaken 1.5 GPM showerhead in the PAY-IT-FORWARD energy care package. 

High-quality, with three spray functions and a sleek design, This isn’t just another cheap low-flow fixture. Provide a pleasant shower experience and $50-$70 in water and energy savings per person annually!