Good Energy: Johnson Clean Energy District Seasonal Newsletter (Spring Issue)

Finally! The northern hemisphere is tilting back toward the sun — longer days, warmer temperatures – ending a bitterly cold winter and shockingly high heating costs. Stow the snow shovel, wrap up the rug extender, raise the windows, and fill your lungs with springtime!

Cue Good Energy, a seasonal guide to increasing comfort and lowering energy costs for homeowners. Read on for a spring to-do checklist from the Department of Energy, and tips for living an energy-conscientious life. Four times a year, we’ll supply you with ideas – some old, some new – about energy and ask you to share yours. Sign up for this free publication at the Johnson Clean Energy District or find it in community newsletters around the county.

Check out the Spring Issue of Good Energy here:

Read “Energy Saving Tips for Spring and Summer” from the US Department of Energy.

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