Good Energy: JCED Seasonal Newsletter (Summer Issue)

Summer! Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! Not surprisingly, Johnson County could see some serious heat in the next couple months: the National Weather Service forecasts a 1-in-3 chance of a warmer, drier summer than normal and, recently, the regional electricity transmission company sent up red flags about rising risks of brownouts in the Upper Midwest.

The summer issue of Johnson Clean Energy District’s Good Energy has tips on keeping cool – no-cost ways to prevent heat buildup in your home, strategic use of fans, comparisons of air conditioning options, including heat-pumps or mini-splits, along with information on the most energy efficient models and rebates. There’s also information about how to cut the heavy energy draws of two other appliances: clothes dryers and dehumidifiers, particularly during the peak hours (noon to 6PM) when air conditioners are cranking. We conclude with a link to information on efficient travel this summer, including local news on electric vehicles. As always, short, snappy tips are linked to in-depth articles for the deep divers.

Read the full Summer issue of Good Energy here, or download the pdf.

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