Energy Efficient Neighborhoods

This JCED program aims to cut homeowners energy bills and energy use, reduce CO2 emissions to combat global climate change, reduce inequities for low-income energy-burdened families, strengthen the local economy by creating green jobs for contractors, and keep more of our energy dollars circulating in our local communities.

How can we do this big job? As a society and as individual home- and business-owners, we each have a part to play over the next decade. In general, our task is to (1) upgrade the energy efficiency of a building’s envelope (interior and exterior); (2) electrify everything we reasonably can and install high-efficiency appliances; (3) generate our own electricity with solar panels; and (4) reduce personal and business transportation emissions, including with electric vehicles.

JCED will assist Johnson County residents in this process through a new energy coaching program. The energy coach will conduct home energy assessments and make targeted recommendations to homeowners about changes they can make, including costs, federal tax credits and rebates, available contractors, and energy and cost savings to be realized. This work will be prioritized and planned so the homeowner can complete it step-by-step over the years as old appliances, furnaces, etc. need replacement.

JCED received funding from the Community Foundation of Johnson County to develop this program and from Johnson County to hire our first energy coach. In Fall, 2023, we will partner with local groups (neighborhood associations, faith communities, towns) to assist homeowners and small businesses better understand and their energy needs and opportunities. The program will provide presentations, home assessments, and coaching to members of these groups, and other services to be determined. As this program grows, we will offer these and other services to residents and businesses throughout Johnson County.

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